Yesterday you said tomorrow.

fruit and tea.

Today is going to be amazing. Did I wake up with the sunrise like I planned? No. Will everything still be okay? Yes. What I did wake up to was … Continue reading

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June 1st. 2015

Today my dad said, “Your mom and me painted those cabinets together.” That’s the nicest thing I’ve heard him say about her in a long time.

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P.S. I want to learn mixed martial arts…and kickboxing. ericathevegan.

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I haven’t been on here in a while. And when I was, I was on my other account – it’s private. As I listen to Step by Vampire Weekend, I … Continue reading

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The Return of Erica’s Garden

I’m sitting in the middle of the street and admiring today’s work.. it looks great from here. Let us see, what did I do today? Well, after watching some CRAZY, … Continue reading

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You have to be ready to write…

You have to be ready to write. You have to have everything compiled..your ideas, your drive, your passion,time. Or maybe that theory is totally botched.  Maybe it’s the writing that … Continue reading

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Erica’s Garden

I have taken on the unique task of putting together the yard. So far I have sliced and diced weeds and done some raking (all the while wearing a fedora). … Continue reading

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Step It Up A Notch, Mate.

I’d been doing pre’e well… But then I had a bad-ish week. It wasn’t horrible. Just not great…and lacking. THUS, I’ve decided to kick it up a notch or two. Remember … Continue reading

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Whoa, WordPress changed some things while I was away. I have been totally lacking the in the creativity department.  There are so many things that I had mentally prepared myself … Continue reading

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Teen Wolf

Hello Season 3, I bid you ‘good day.’ No, I have not seen the new episode that came on last night.  As I thought I would be in the City … Continue reading

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Sixty-Three Point Five Kilograms

Weight Loss/Freedom Gain JourneyJanuary 2, 2013
It's today! It's today! Time to get aboard the scale.

DC VegFest

The Big DaySeptember 22, 2012
The DC VegFest is a FREE outdoor festival celebrating the many wonderful opportunities to explore meat-free cuisine in and around the nation's capital. There are so many reasons to choose vegetarian foods— for our health, the planet, and animals.
July 2022