Yesterday you said tomorrow. forward. pause. press play.

A week, a whole entire week!

I always want to get in shape and mostly eat healthy, but usually it only lasts..maybe 3 days, 4 or 5 days tops.  But not this time.  This time I know I can do it. This time, I ate healthy and wrote down everything I ate for an entire week.  Saturday and Sunday, I made a few mistakes, but I still wrote it all down and calculated the approximate amount of calories.  I also didn’t shame myself either.  Sure, I messed up, but I realize that there is nowhere to go but forward.  What a lovely revelation.  My hair has been out and about for the past month and yesterday, Lauren (sister) braided my hair.  Thus, with braided hair that I don’t really have to worry about any longer, I exercised.  This morning, a Monday, I have a dentist appointment at 12pm so I got to sleep in, and when I awoke, I did Tae-bo. Hiya! I sweat for 30 minutes and felt good about myself.  Then I had a healthy breakfast of Cinnamon&Spice Oatmeal (with added pecans), half a grapefruit, and water.  Delicioso.  I also plan to begin regularly attending Monday and Friday Soccer from 6-8pm – if I can get a ride home.  I went to soccer last Monday and it was really fun.  Hopefully I can go again today(:

I just feel so good right now about life.  Not much stress in it right now.  That’s good.  And if I stay on this path of healthyness (thought I was gonna say “righteousness” didn’t ya :D), I can be a smaller size by my birthday, which coincidentally is the same day as Prom.  I want to fit into a nice lace dress with slender semi-muscular arms and slender semi-muscular legs.  That is my goal.  But I shan’t stop after prom.  For that is only thirty-nine days from now.  I need more than thirty-nine days to achieve my fitness goal.  But on the plus side, even though I’m not sure how accurate this is, the scale in our house says that I’ve lost weight since two Wednesdays ago (March 14th).  I went to the doctors that Wednesday and they weighed me at 172 pounds.  My scale now says that I am 166.5 pounds.  Like I said, I’m not sure how accurate our scale is, but a few weeks ago it did say I was 174 and now it’s gone down so..that’s good right?

Anywho, just thought I’d express my thoughts since I have not in quite some time.  G’day.


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