Yesterday you said tomorrow.

So much of it is the jour…

So much of it is the journey and so little of it is the race.

I told you I’m no good. 

I don’t blog.  I’m not a born-blogger, says she as she blogs.  But it’s been two months, has it not? See. But at least I was up front with my non-blogging ways.  Now, since I am back, let me explain.  I love to write. I don’t write. Therein lies the problem.  But no, that’s not about what I came to speak.  I came on here to tell you..success is fast approaching.  Wonderful. Beautiful. Colorful. Spry. Success.  I love life.  And with my new love of life, I have come to have a better love of myself, which is what we all need.  I dunno.  Maybe this is summer lovin’.  I hope not, because then when summer ends…

But no, do I think this new love could have been brought upon by summer? Yes. Must it go when summer ends? No.  Love can be long-lasting.  Love should be long-lasting. Agape love is long-lasting.  My love for myself will be agape.  My love for life will be agape.  My love is agape.  Ok, so now I have this agape love beating within my veins.  What next? Do I relinquish this love upon every facet of my life? Hell yes.  Definite…wait for it…ly #HIMYM<3

So with this newfound and blossoming romance.  I have begun to reset my brain.  Reset my brain when it comes to eating and physical exertion.  Usually, there is one thing that my brain and I understand: EAT. That is all.  You’re hungry? Eat. TV is on? Eat. Twenty minutes just swam by your life? Eat. Supper time? I don’t know. Just Eat.  I went to New York on June 7th through the 10th.  My brain and I were working on our previous arrangement.  I was walking with my friend, Michaela, and she said to me, “Are you hungry?”  I replied, “I don’t know.”   She laughed and said that that was why she liked me as a friend.  But little did she know how honest that response was.  I really didn’t know.  Maybe, I was hungry.  Hours had passed since I last scarfed a meal.  So perhaps I should be hungry.  My brain, let’s call her Maggie (the same name I gave my bicycle yesterday), had taken me and my appetite on so many twists and turns that I didn’t know what hunger, actual hunger, was any longer. I just consumed.  My lack of control over myself, my hands, my brain.  I was becoming a lazy young adult.  I didn’t exercise Maggie properly.  You see, I view self-control as brain exercise.  And to not do that, makes one’s brain fat.  Maggie was obese.

I came home.  I ate a gargantuan amount of the ‘ole healthy Cap’n Crunch Berries and fell unconscious. {No, Erica did not faint. She went to sleep. Do not worry, my dear readers. That is, if anyone reads this. Doubt.} The next day was a Monday.  On this Monday of June 11th, 2012, I had my first day of work. Whaddup?!! (: And along with a new job, a first job, came a new way of eating, of living. And from then on, life has never been the same.

Love. Life. Happiness. <— i am unabashed to say: it is finally mine.



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