Yesterday you said tomorrow.

To weigh or not to weigh?

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

This morning I got on the scale. 

What it said HAS to be an inaccuracy.  And I’m not just saying that.  Recently, when I approach Mr. Scale, it says the same thing: “Hello Erica, today you are one hundred and sixty five pounds.  See you again next time.”  I normally reply, “All right.  That’ll do for now.”  Yesterday, I did Taebo Flex at 8:45am, ate very healthy, went to my youth group’s car wash from 12pm – 3pm, came home, did some hardcore spinning on the stationary bike for 35 minutes, and went out to eat for dear ‘ole Niccy Ole’s birthday extravaganza.  This took place at Lauriol Plaza in D.C. I had the vegetable fajita entree and ten tortilla chips (oh yeah! SELF CONTROL IN THE HIGHEST). I only had one tortilla wrap’s worth of vegetable fajita and after that was sufficiently full.  This is all fine.  My eating regimen was fine.  Sure, I got home and had one more tortilla wrap’s worth of vegetable fajita.  This was around 9pm and 10pm but STILL that is fine. There was no downpour of the binge.  So why when I got on the scale this morning did it say one hundred and seventy pounds.  Outrage. There is no way that I could have gained five pounds.  Especially in one day.  Especially in one day where I did absolutely fine as far at eating healthy and exercise.  Perhaps Mr. Scale went on holiday and a horrible filler has taken his place.  That has to be it. 

But, because of all this, and because of the horrible feeling I got after I stepped off of that scale, I made a decision.  A difficult decision, but one that I need to follow through.  It will take practice.  It will take self-control (good thing I practiced last night with those tortilla chips..ten points for Gryffindor!).  My decision was: I will not get on the scale.  That is it.  It is simple, and one of the hardest tasks for which I have ever assigned myself.  I like getting on the scale.  It’s an extracurricular activity for me, even if I know that there is no possible way for the scale to say anything different than it did a day ago.  It is just routine.  But..I suppose..I should focus less on what Mr. Scale declares and more on what I need to declare.  And at the moment, I need to declare what I shall put into my body and how far I shall push my body.  That needs to become routine.  That is my focus.

{To exercise or not to exercise.  That is a stupid question.}


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