Yesterday you said tomorrow.


I was about to have one of my daily talks..with myself.

Then I thought to myself, “I’ll just blog now. I could document this in ink.”  And now I’m blogging again – this can be addicting, but I like it.

I’m just gonna type what I was going to say aloud to myself.  This might call for some third-person speech and some mix-ups via past, present, and future tense.  One week, one week was all it took to mess get off of track.  Well, actually 5 days.  You’re not going to count today because so far you’ve done really well, Erica.  But today is not over yet.  You have to get yourself back in line.  You are amazing. You know this..and yet.  Man, I want to cry.  I was doing so well. You don’t even understand how well we were doing.  You created beautiful exercising & eating habits. Sigh. But it’s okay. Actually, now that I re-read that quote I posted above, maybe there is something of which I have not let go.  What is it that I might not have let go?? I have no idea.  Perhaps this journey, on which I have embarked, will help me to find whatever it is I am holding on to (gah, you ended the sentence with a preposition; now I have to give myself 10 mental lashes). {Note to readers: I’m an English grammar obsessor; if I ever type something incorrectly, please comment the emendation; I am willing to learn.} Back to me, you know which way this path leads.  You don’t wanna go there..again.  You don’t want to be the biggest girl in the room..again. You don’t want to think you’re the most unattractive looking girl in the room..again.  People are attracted to confidence.  You can only fake it so much.  You don’t want to fake wan’t to be it.  You wan’t to be the IT GIRL. That girl that people see and think, “Dang, she must work out.” If I wanna be that girl, I guess, dang, I have to work out.


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