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Trauma At The Hand Of Flying Stinging Insects

I just experienced one of the most traumatic incidents in my life.

 Honestly, I don’t think I’m being overdramatic. I’m crying right now, and I’m not even in that position any longer. But whenever I think about those flying black buggers, the sweltering hot air, and the silence that encompassed me except for the sound of flapping wings, my heart beats a mile a minute. This morning, I decided I would try out the running thing again. I haven’t done that, except when playing soccer, in almost four years. Yes, I used to be a runner..somewhat. I was watching a television program and then the power went out, so I decided now was the best time to put on my running shoes. I walked outside, stretched and proceeded to do my warm-up walk lap. It was going well, I was swinging my arms, everything was fine. Then I noticed two hornets/giant black bees/or wasps. I might have accidentally hit one with my arm, but it was an accident, and I kept going. Then I thought I heard something whizzing behind me a few seconds later after I had crossed the street. I thought nothing of it and continued my warm-up lap. Note to readers: I’m not the type of girl that is normally afraid of the “oppressive” flying stinging buggers. I say, “you don’t mess with it; it won’t mess with you.” Perhaps I accidentally messed with it.

All of a sudden, I see them again, in front of me this time. Flying crazy and following me? I run. I’m running like a mad woman trying to escape the oppressor. The oppressor that flies! And they fly bloody fast it seems. One hits me on my front calf-area part, and at this point I know that I am not crazy. I am running for dear life, no exxageration. There is no cover for me. Just plain sidewalk..and other apartment buildings. So I duck for cover and run up someone’s apartment stairs. I breathe, very hard, sort of cry, and wish for me mum to save me. I didn’t bring my phone with me on this run so I’m all alone. Except for the assasins that await me. Another sign that I am not crazy: those buggers were guarding my exit. I am so serious. Whenever I thought, all right, I’m a human, I can make a break for it, and proceeded to walk down the stairs, “leader hornet/big black bee/or wasp” would fly up to intimidate me and I’d run back up. This went on for about five minutes. I was hoping that someone would come out of their apartment so that they could escort me down the steps and to pass the insects. No one came out. I prayed and prayed. I thought to myself, “The worst thing that could happen is you get stung, and the one that stung you dies.” But then I looked out and saw five,if not more, of them out there. That would be five stings. Who cares about the deaths anymore. That would be painful and ever so traumatic. I would be all alone. I thought about My Girl, a great but sad movie. I remembered when the boy died. He was allergic to bees, and he was violently attacked by an army of them when he went walking in the woods. Trust, that is not what you want to think about at a time like this. Then came my breaking point: I was planning my escape, run out, make a left, keep running, make a right, reach home, live to tell the tale, when I saw that one of the hornets/big black bees/ or wasps had flown in to the stairwell area above me and was walking on a stair very close to me. I couldn’t take it any longer. I ran. I ran as fast as my chubby legs could push me. I ran pass Asians carrying groceries, I ran pass children on a playground, I ran to outfly my deadly oppressors. And then, I ran up my own stairwell, and flew through my front door and into the arms of air conditioned safety.

My heart still beats faster when I think about the creatures that did not wish me well. This happened thirty minutes ago. I would put a picture on here of what they looked like, but you’ll just have to use your imagination. Looking up the insects on Google Image did nothing but get my heart rate up and my fear level soaring more than it needs to soar. I am deeply sorry if you have had any experiences similar to my own. Especially if you were caught by the oppressor that flies. I don’t know how I feel about those insects now, and frankly, I am not sure when I will go for another jog around my neighborhood again. We shall see.  I really hope that this isn’t one of those experiences that deeply affect how one lives in the future.



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