Yesterday you said tomorrow.


I tutor.

It’s one of my jobs, along with the when-the-need-arises-because-I-am-at-my-dad’s-house-at-the-moment-and-I-would-like-to-make-money-dog-walking-business, and my other job that I recently acquired.  I have been tutoring on and off for awhile.  The difference this year, and probably for future years to come, is it is now most definitely on.  I have two chief clients,and I make a pretty penny.  But truth be told, I enjoy tutoring. With one client of mine I go over everything English: grammar, spelling, definitions, reading comprehension, writing, writing well.  With the other, all things Math, specifically the fundamentals of Algebra and Algebra 2.  I love Math.  I love English.  I love reading.  I love analytic calculations.  I’m somewhat of a nerd.  I’d say I’m a cool nerd. But whatevs(:

I just came back from a 2-hour session with the all things English client, and I feel as though we really accomplished something.  Sincerely. <–which was one of the 20 words that she totally aced in comprehending and using in a sentence.  This is going really well.  And with the all things Math kid things are going really well…as well.  Tutoring makes me feel as if I am an academic.  It helps me to remember <– another one of the words, what I am teaching my student.  It reminds me that though it is now summer, education will forever exist.  And it also earns me money.  Well earned money, because I am helping another human prepare for a better future.  I truly wish the best for my clients.  I do not help them just so their parents can pay me.  I honestly want them to move forward, succeed, and totally be ahead of their classmates.  Now that I think about it, I want them to be versions of a nerd. Haha.

If you need tutoring, or know someone that does, totally leave a comment and if we are in the same area, we can begin sessions and whoever I begin to assist will blossom, I promise you.  And that was totally a run-on sentence.  I am knowledgeable in pretty much every subject.  Except Calculus.  I hated calculus.  I actually got A’s or A+’s on like four or five tests, but that was only because I must have understood certain portions.  I passed the class, yes.  With a B.  I got an A for one quarter <–I was so pysched! But I am honestly not the best one to go to for calculus assistance.  Pre-Calculus, I’m great.  I tutored someone in Pre-Calc/Trig this past school year and her grades DEFINITELY improved. She passed with a B I believe.  I was proud.  She went on to graduate and now she’s doing big things – yeah, she’s going to college,heh(:



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