Yesterday you said tomorrow.

In Bed Early


I went to sleep at 7:00am on July 4th, 2012.

After I worked out for an hour last night..or morning at 1am, I didn’t want to shower and wake my mum.  So I got on the computer and let the sweat dry.  However, I stayed awake for 10 more hours.  Yeah.  And I didn’t even eat! Which is BIG for someone with compulsive eating disorder.  You fellow bingers know.  I just kept myself hydrated and knew that I could eat after I went to sleep and woke up again.  It wasn’t even terribly difficult.  I was so distracted.  I think I am a very excitable person.  Looking up, reading, absorbing information about certain topics – vegan food, fitness, nutrition, etc. -, can keep my brain stimulated for hours.  Get me a handful of ExperienceLife, Self, Dr. Oz, Health mags, and I will be out of your hair and into mine in no time.  It’s amazing.  But take these things away and my resources to this information, and you just shot me in the foot.

One thing about staying up, you get to hear the world rise.  Forget seeing.  Pfft. Who cares about sunrises and the lighting of the sky.  It’s all in the sound.  Suddenly it goes from what you think is silence, to birds chirping, weird bugs making weird noises, rodents skittering and..more birds chirping.  It’s  That’s cool; they’re pretty chatty out there.  Suddenly you think you hear your ringtone, it’s not your phone; it’s the birds.  I think phone/ringtone companies verbally..soundfally, whatever plagerized from the birds.  Hence.. angry birds.

Another thing, you’re eyes will turn red and you will stop blinking when you’ve been up for 24 hours.  Did I mention that I had woken up at 7:30am to get ready for work on the 3rd?  Yeah, I lasted 23.5 hours.  You get past the point where if you’re mum, dad, cohabitator walks in on you and thinks you never went to sleep; now they just think you got up really early. Ha! Jokes on them! And yourself because you’re gonna crash at some time during the upcoming 24 hours.  I haven’t crashed yet! Whoo!  Turns out that it was a good thing that I ate so many calories yesterday (about 2,250 calories).  It helped sustain me for my 10-hour “research.”  Time to hydrate on that aqua, bruh.


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