Yesterday you said tomorrow.

cereal confused me?

I’m all messed up..well, not really, but somewhat.

I had cereal this morning for breakfast.  I don’t usually do that.  When I do have cereal, I usually top it with kiwi, strawberries, banana, orange, almonds, or some fruit, seed, or nut.  Not this morning.  Just Silk Soy Milk.

I later had a snack, those van’s english muffins with 2 oz. of sliced plantain and 2 tbsp. of Natural PB.  And water.  All right, so I got eight grains, protein, and whatever plantains do for you.  Good.

That was 4 or 5 hours ago.  As I walked into the kitchen, I thought, “What am I missing??” I feel as though I’m missing everything.  Have I had vegetables today?  I’m not staying as hydrated as I usually do.  And this all began with breakfast. Most important meal of the day, indeed.  You see, I usually have an action packed breakfast.  Fruits, fiber, nuts, seeds, vegetables, protein.  My breakfast is either a mixture of two or more of those items.  This morning, I got fiber, I guess, from Post Shredded Wheat Honey Nut cereal.  And calcium and protein from the soy milk (thank God).

It’s funny.  What I think is the least healthiest food in the house, my mother approaches with caution.  She has been having it rough (health-wise).  Despite my ever-present beautiful example of clean eating. She just ate and ate (bad foods) or didn’t eat, and then when she did, it was like a bowl of watermelon and popcorn.  Don’t get me wrong, popcorn made at home and watermelon are both good for you and good snacks, but an appropriate meal for the entire day they do not make. You’re not going to get everything you need from those two items alone.  Sigh, I’ve just watched on the sidelines as she killed her metabolism.  Yes, I tried to tell her. But people don’t want to listen.  I understand.

Anyway, she ate some of this cereal this morning – which for her, this is very good, a step in the right direction. Me, I was mentally misguided.  Good thing I made a beast salad: red cabbage, collard greens, arugula, black beans, avocado, spring onions, tomatoes, onions.  Chopped green peppers and hummus on the side, yes. Time to play catch up!



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