Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Marshall Eriksen – Jason Segel

This is my celebrity man crush.  I am barefaced and unabashed to say so.

There is so much I could say about 1) the character that is Marshall Eriksen, and 2) Jason Segel.  He might not be the “hunkiest” or the one with the rock-hard abs, he might even be putting on a few pounds.  But real celebrity crushers don’t care about those things.  We fancy him for the way he makes us laugh, for the character that pulls our heart strings.  For the he that he is, and what he already offers.

Aww, look at him.  How could you not love that guy..

I first witnessed Jason Segel in I Love You, Man. Good movie.  He was this hilarious giant meandering about my television screen.  The way he releases the main character’s inhibitions and his shamelessly blunt humor.  It’s all too much. It’s just “totally… totes ma goats.” &now that I am a Jason Segel fan, I do need to see that movie again. “Slappa da bass, mon!”

I Love You, Man

Then I came across him in Freaks and Geeks.  I know right, it’s like time is moving backwards.  Throwback! 

And then my mind was blown away.  For I had encountered *dramatic music plays* How I Met Your Mother. I’m not even sure how it was that I began watching this show.  I believe I was just bored one day, and an episode came on my tele.  Then a second episode came on..and I was hook, line, and sinker.  It pulled me in like quicksand – this is somewhat of a literal statement as I watched several episodes everyday for about half a year and am now pretty much completely caught up and onto the present season. <–Dang. I began my #HIMYM journey differently than others.  I watched them out of order as they came on the tele, then I would piece it all together.  And there were some occasions where the episode that I watched next, did precede the one I had previously seen.  It was like a puzzle, an enigma of sorts.  I do suggest that you watch at least one television show in this way.  When you realize what goes with what, you’re like, Oh really now.  Ah, I see. Oh I understand.  Oh yes, I get their reference; I remember.  As I came upon the most recent season – Season 7 – I got myself in order for the most part.  A couple eps I watched out of order, but mostly I am watching them in order as of now.  It’s still nice to watch at 10pm (Mon-Fri) on CW and see the episodes that brought me to this point.  I got most of my friends hooked as well.  Frannds Michaela, Sean & Timantha, they love it now.  And Michaela totally feels the same about Marshall/Jason.  We were just talking about it last night (which inspired me to write this post) as we watched the ep “I Heart NJ” where Ted declares his hatred of NJ and wishes that Stella move to NY with him.  His compromise between NJ and Manhattan, NY…Brooklyn 🙂

[Ted and Stella are arguing about whether New York or New Jersey is better]

Ted: Sinatra.

Stella: Yeah, he’s from Hoboken…New Jersey.

Ted: Yeah, but what city is he singing about? It’s not Secaucus, Secaucus!

Ah, good times.  Am I right? Pssh, por supuesto soy!  ..And then there is Marshall’s monologue during that scene.  Here you go:

Marshall: “I hate New York! I’m sorry, but it’s true! Today, I was walking around PriceCo. Have you ever been there? It’s huge! All the stores in New York are so cramped! Every time I turn around I knock something over. I’m like some huge monster that came out of the oceans to destroy bodegas! …I’m too big for New York, okay! I’m always trying to fit into cramped little subway seats, or duck under doorways that were built a hundred and fifty years ago. “Hey, guess what, people are bigger now! Build bigger doorways! What the hell is wrong with you?” …And it’s so loud. All the time. Yes, I know it’s the city that never sleeps, but guess what? I like to sleep! I’ve been tired for eight years! Tired and scared, with black and blue marks on my elbows from trying to fit into all these tiny elf doorways! New Jersey’s great! It’s got huge stores, and lawns, and you never have to carry a cup again! For the rest of your life! I’m not afraid to say it: I love New Jersey! [sees Lily’s face] I’m just kidding.”

So cute, right? Ah, so cute.

Thank you Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for creating such a wonderful baby.  It’s been growing so big since it’s birth on September 19, 2005.  Seven.  Seven years old.  Can you believe it?  Soon enough it’ll be putting on it’s big boy pants.  Thank you for letting it go on this long.  I hope that it has many more years to come.  I’d like to see it off to middle school, it’s freshman year of college, maybe even be at its wedding.

I love How I Met Your Mother


I love Marshall Eriksen/Jason Segel

Note to Readers: Hit me up with other good movies or shows that Jason has been in.  I’d love to see ’em.

And remember, this is not the end of this post.  There is still more to say.  To be continued. . .


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