Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Good morning, Sir. Le puedo ayudar?

The beast is back.

The Bible says that the truth will set you free.  The Bible tells no lies.  I finally told me mum about my bruises and new wounds.  I started out with the bruises (to start out small and gain sympathy). Turns out she didn’t have the reaction that I had envisioned.  Finally! I could stop wearing pants around the house!  She said it didn’t look as bad as others and that it was just an addition to the collection (har har, very funny, mum).  But what did I do after that? I put on my shorts and exercised. It was rough, bro.  I did my normal 6 Week to 6 Pack workout, then added  muffin topless’ Killer Ab Workout.  &Then I did P90X Chest and Back + Ab Ripper X.  I was spitting sweat on the mat, bro.  Honestly, I love when crap like that happens.  Last week, I almost felt a small bit of regurgitation coming my way – it didn’t – but I loved it.  Sounds weird, yeah, but it’s not because I wanted to vomit. Oh nevermind..anyway.  I gave my all during that workout.  As I did wide-fly push ups on my push up bar, I pictured Christian Bale in his cell, and indeed I was inspired(;

When I pulled out my mat this morning and sat upon it, it felt moist and wet.  Must be leftovers from yesterday – must have done a good workout yesterday[:

My store’s District Manager comes in today.  &When I left work last night, the assistant manager told me to come in  the morn (for just-in-case purposes).  So this morning, I did my 6 Week to 6 Pack stuff, showered, and was about to head for the bus.  Ring-ring-ring! My main store boss called, doesn’t need me to come in. Whooha! That’s fine, sir.  No worries here.  I was not too excited to meet this District Manager bro today.  I haven’t even read my assistant guide book, and of course the dude was probably gonna ask me questions.  Didn’t want my stupefied visage to be the answer.  No greeting customers and making them spend more money than they would have on this fine morning.  Now I can chill today.  Like really chill. Chilling includes: washing my sheets and clothes, vacuuming the house, sweeping the kitchen, making lentil bean soup, watching Dr. Oz (for the first time in a week or so), exercise for Arms Day, blogging, pinning, musicing, and ending the day with HIMYM at 10:00pm.  What a day to behold.

Good morning, fellow bloggers.  Today is Tuesday.  Time for some breakfast.


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