Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Oh my…60..!

I should really be doing homework right now.

But I got on here briefly to check my stats, and suddenly I was bewildered.  Before I went to work (at 5pm), I had 29 views (big for me..I know some of you guys get in the hundreds and thousands, but stick with me here).  I’ve had 29 views a few times, and it just seems as though I cannot get myself to 30 views. Grr.

Anyway, before I go to continue my work, I check on WordPress for my stats and I’m sort of confused.  There’s a large skew in my data. Large.  & then I see 60.  But I still do not comprehend.  Then I look..closer (like Rafiki from The Lion King advises*), and I slowly understand: I got 60 bloody views today!

Pwhoa! Mind = blown.  I proceed to type this blog expressing, or trying to express what I feel.  Like the nerd I am, I’m going to make phone calls – dad, sister, friends – to tell them of my recent progress.  Homework will be further delayed – thank you viewers for inadvertently trying to fail me. (; j/k

But seriously, thank you viewers. Whomever you are. This is a big deal for me, bro.  I would thank you individually, but I don’t know who you are.  I feel a supreme amount of felicity right now.

If you want to make me spin in circles, leave  a comment, click “like”, shoot, like me on Pinterest and pin my stuff if you wish, but mostly view view view. 😀

Also: I became a foodie penpal today. Totes, right(: Click my link, read about it, be a foodie penpal, live.  That’s all, folks!



7 comments on “Oh my…60..!

  1. Arlene Miller II
    September 6, 2012

    Haha, I know that feeling. I was that way for a while too.
    I actually found you through foodie penpals. Maybe some others did too.


    • ericathevegan
      September 6, 2012

      Yeah, I figured that foodie penpals was partly responsible for my newfound “popularity”. Thanks for checking it out, mate..and commenting(:

  2. learningmypathtowardsgod
    September 7, 2012

    feel a little like santa here 🙂
    Congratulations!! I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award” put on by Very Novel. Nominate 15 other people for a blog too.
    Have an awesome day

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