Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Cabin In The Woods

My cousin gave me a play-by-play of this movie last Thanksgiving Day.


However, I’d never seen this movie. Then today, two days before Thanksgiving Day, I see the DVD and Chris Hemsworth. Nuff said 😉 I had no idea he was the jock lover boy of which my cousin spoke.  I was really surprised that he was in this movie. Not that I think this is a great movie or something. The concept or idea was interesting and sort of good, but since I already know the ending (I’m watching it as I type), it’s weird. This is a weird fricken movie. And the hand at end. Wack! Even though I do understand it, I believe.  I think it is the Ancient Ones rising from there abyss. But might I add, I fricken hate zombies.

But at least I have two beautiful faces to watch, until they die of course. Chris Hemsworth – Gorgeous. Black guy with blue eyes – Beautiful.

The reefer guy is my cousin, bro. Not that she gets high, but he has logic to what he says. Dude, I love his bong and his personality. Not into smoking and cursing, but other than that, we’d totally be friends. Ehh, he just died – hacked by the zombie. Sucks.

Now this sacrificing thing. I don’t agree with at all. I’m like, what religion is this? I understand the gods want sacrifice,etc, but not like this.

Oh well. I suppose I’ll finish the movie and stop giving whoever reads this a play-by-play.

Haha..forget this. I’m back. Those Japanese kinders. Geniuses. Seriously. The 9 year olds bonded together and put the evil Kiko spirit in the frog. This is terrible, but that was hilarious. Oh, goodness:)

The humor intermingled in this pelicula – so strange and misplaced but funny.

Now I’m waiting for the zombie I know is in the RV to immerge. no.. the motorcycle part comes first. Bye bye, Chrissy. Aw, he had a little monologue before his passing.

Oh, and there goes beautiful blue eyes. So sad. At least the black guy was not the first to die in this movie, unlike so many others. However, I forgot. Reefer boy, smart as he is, didn’t die. And now it is time save Virgin girl from horrible zombie #5 and go after the Establishment. Who is now having a celebratory engagement.

Did I say that I hate zombies?
Time to go down the elevator, my friends.
So apparently the stuff Reefer boy was smoking immunized him to all their crap.

Uh oh. Monsters came out to play. That is so disgusting. I simply would not want to work in a place so close to those things….not the unicorns! And the mermaids. How poetic.

And here comes the HAND. . .The End

So basically this has turned into a little rant about this movie. If you have not yet seen it, wanted to see it, etc., sorry. This was a spoiler, I guess.


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