Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Christmas Is This Year.

Today is Christmas.

“Happy Christmas, Harry”
“Happy Christmas, Ron”

I do love Christmas.  I’m no Scrooge. Not in the least.  Christmas is a wonderful occasion.  Everyone is (or supposed to be) happy, gleeful, warm, and all those other amiable adjectives.  There should be snow on the ground (though there isn’t always, such as this year), lights on at least one of the houses in your neighborhood, a tree in the house with colorful wrapping paper underneath, music playing.  Good music options this time of year are Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald.  People like this.  Good music. Try Michael Buble (Holiday) station on Pandora, you’re likely to get the good, loves(:

This entire holiday/Christmas season.  It has not felt like the Christmas season.  I just didn’t feel it.  I didn’t breathe it in when I walked out the door.  I didn’t smell it when I had a spot of tea.  It wasn’t tangible.  I searched for Christmas programs on the tele the past couple days to no avail.  None suited me.  I didn’t see the traditional programs.  Maybe I didn’t search hard enough.

This Christmas I have had plenty of time to reflect.  Many many things have happened this year.  Some good. Some bad.  Some in between.  It’s been a long year.  Last Christmas was so great.  It really was.  I was with my dad by the Christmas tree, listening to Michael Buble (Holiday) radio.  Looking out at the water and the city lights.  Curled up on the couch. Staying up late.  Making oatmeal cookies.  Texting my boyfriend.  It was really swell.  Except my mum and I were “estranged.” Then came my New Year’s Eve party.  Many of my friends were there – Bonomo, Sean, Jonny, Kimberly, Gabrielle, Sean, Steph, Michaela…I think that’s it.  I made this banging music playlist on my pod.  My friend’s are lame.  They didn’t dance.  We went outside into the large field and laid in the grass.  Steph and I snogged, my friends somehow ended up cornered by these two men who were smoking.  I had to save them.  Nincompoops (actually a word!). We all went inside, ate, drank and were merry.  We watched a bit of The Notebook then watched the ball drop, topping it off to sparkling cider.  Then they left, but Michaela stayed, which was nice.

Since then: Steph and I have broken up (but are still chummy).  I’ve left that house by the water and field. My iPod broke. I don’t have a Christmas tree, other than the one I saved as a screensaver on my phone.  Sean and Michaela are no longer friends. I’m living with my mum and she and I are talking again.  (You know last year, she gave me socks – I thought she was a down right prat for doing that, I’m not even sure what I did with that pair. However this year she got me my first pair of boots.  Black leather.  Riding length.  With buckles. And zippers.  So I guess they go together.  Socks & Boots)

The New Year’s Party this year shan’t be hosted by me this year.  But I’ll be co-host.  Perhaps I’ll Google what co-hosts do(;  But it’ll be mostly the same mates – Sean, Michaela, Jonny, Steph, me, Samantha, and Michelle.  Just a few taken out and two added.

There might be less gifts, no tree, no house by the water, no old familiar school, no snogmate, no flat, no Christmas programs.  But there is love, music, bonhomie, friendship, hugs, family, shelter, warmth, and most importantly Christ.  And perhaps those are the things that I haven’t paid enough attention to what I have.  Perhaps I’ve been ungrateful and my mind had been clouded by the unnecessaries and the meaningless things.  I haven’t been focusing on the right things.   I have missed what is really important.  And neglected what I had, like my relationship with God.

But that’s the great thing about Christmas. Not only do we use this season and holiday to think upon how great and marvelous is the birth of our Lord and Savior, but it’s at the end of the calendar.  It’s a very large stone that helps to mark the New Year. And with the New Year comes. . .

This is MY tree – the tree that is the screensaver on my phone. Gorge, right? 🙂



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