Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Cheers to the New Year!


The new year has not yet come.  But I’ll be at a party when it does, and thus not able to blog(: Unless I drip away to a closet and blog on my phone, but that’s lame.

This year’s New Year’s party, as previously described, will be at Jonny’s.  I’m not completely sure what we will be doing this year, which is not exactly great when the outsiders of the “gang”  I invite ask me.  But I know this much to ring true; pictures shall be taken.  Memories must be made and documented – that is an unspoken must for all of our get-togethers.

I suppose I’m going to be like every other red-blooded American human and express in writing, or type, what I’m supposedly going to change about myself during this time of vicissitude.  Here goes. . .Things I want to “improve” in my life this new year:

  • I shall read more, hah, I already do that, but perhaps I’ll expand my reading pallet? I’ll be my own reading group and choose a book I would never have chosen, had I not been in a reading group (my own??). This is of course after I read all of the books I recently bought at this awesome little book store in Old Towne where all the books I got where $.50 – $3.00.  I spent like $20 bucks and got like 8 or 9 novels.  I re-bought Count of Monte Cristo – I’ve read it before (and cried) but I think I left it either on a plane or some other state in 2009, plus it is brilliant, and I definitely want to re-read plus have it in my personal library. I also purchased all of the Elizabeth Noble novels I could see, I like her.  I bought the two books I had rented and read from the library, Things I Want My Daughters To Know and The Friendship Test.  I’m almost done re-reading The Friendship Test.  It’s a great experience, re-reading.  It’s like, I remember reading that, and, Oh yes, that happens and he,she,it does that. Oh splendid.  Ah yes, that was how she felt; that is why it was okay for them to have that relationship.  Now look at me, I’ve traveled onto some far off tangent and am not even close to talking about my new year resolves.
  • Be healthy, of course
  • EAT MORE of the right foods(;
  • Make sure I’ve applied to all universities I want to attend, might want to attend, and reach schools
  • Fill out FAFSA, that bloody dreaded thing
  • Read my Bible
  • Pray
  • Talk to others about God(:
  • Raise money for Momentum
  • Tell the people I love that I love them
  • Get some new clothes and shoes, once I feel “ready” for them – don’t ask me to explain that one
  • Buy my first(; bikini and wear it this summer
  • Grow my hair; treat it like a just rescued puppy
  • Begin to write a novel, perhaps I’ll start tonight
  • Learn to dance 😀
  • To ride my bike at least 15 times this year
  • To appreciate what I have
  • To use the gifts that I’ve been given

My last resolution: to come back and check off what I’ve done and log what I’ve yet to do. Then next year, round this time, I’ll see if I’ve done everything on my list and if I haven’t…20 lashes!!! No not really, I’m not that masochistic(; I dunno that there will be reprimands if I fail to go through with these resolutions, just my own disappointment and feeling like a failure. I think that’d be punishment enough.  We can be our own worst critics, eh.

So, loves. Appreciate this new year.  Life is a gift. Love is the colourful paper it should be wrapped in.  Try to treat everyone with kindness.  You have no idea what someone else might be going through; it does not matter if they seem “perfect” or that there is no reason that they should be complaining, or that they seem happy and jubilant all the time.  That latter is me, and I have a lot of chiz going on in my life.  But I take it in stride. I try to take long ones opposed to warily hopping from one stone to the next in the fresh-water pond that is my life.  

Don’t worry, mate. You’re going to be brilliant. Trust(:



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