Yesterday you said tomorrow.

So Yesterday…

…went well.


Everything did not turn out as planned…seeing as I woke up in the middle of the day, but it was all good. I did manage to clean the kitchen, do Legs and Back, and go to Marshalls, Bonefish, and the cinema con mi prima y hermana. That was fun.

However, I am going to try to do the things that I didn’t do yesterday today. Which is going to be slightly difficult, considering my wages are on E. But all things work out for those who love God. Plus, as long as I bring food and drink, money doesn’t have to spent on this bike ride.


I just wanted to make it known what I did yesterday. And that I did not give up, but did exercise. The way my legs feel is proof of that. Well, it looks like Kenpo is in my future. And a bike ride.

By the way, I think that that is my first [body] picture that I have posted on here.  This way, I know from whence I am coming.  I can visually chart my progress.  I think I shall do that more often.  As has been told on numerous occasions, I suck.  🙂 I suck at consistency.  Back when I was fourteen, I was great, but I am no longer fourteen.  I would say, “I wish,” but no, I don’t want to be fourteen again.  I’m about to go to college. I think I’m good.  I don’t want to repeat everything,  I am much to lazy for that.  Seriously.  But that is me, yesterday.  I think I’m like 180 pounds.  Yeah, I know, I told you I lost like 7 pounds or whatever.  I did.  I had.  But then I did a back-track and am right back at the starting line.  It’s like I am running backwards.  To think, when I started blogging, I was 160ish.  If I cursed….  But at least this is real.  This is a genuine blog.  For those freaks&geeks out there like me that didn’t make it on the first try.  Here is your encouragement….( as I try to encourage myself ).  Don’t make the mistakes I made.  And if you already did, do what I am doing, and keep going forward.  Man, it seems so much easier having been 160 trying to make it to 140.  Now I have FortyFreakingPounds to go.  LiFe sucks balls, but not today.

Today will be…




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