Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Durante Tres Días

Another day, another journey.

Or should I say, “another three days, another three journeys.”  I started this post three days ago, but I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to give it substance. To breathe it into life.  However, here I am.


Monday was a nice day.  Sun was out. Birds were singing.  Wheels were turning. . .the wheels to my bike that is.  Actually, that day began horribly.  I was so sore.  So sore.  So very sore.  It was left over from exercising during the weekend and last week.  My bicycle was in my friend ( Michaela )’s garage and her old bicycle has been in our shed….since the summer of 2011? So, I thought I would finally return it as I biked to her house for yet another adventure.  But it wasn’t my bike.   There was air missing in the back tire and it’s just..different. Nelly’s house is on the way to Michaela’s, and he was coming, so I stopped and picked him.  Together we rode those grueling hills to our destination.  Man, my legs.  We picked up Ilse (Nelly’s sister) and then we rode.  This time I had my bike.  Awesome-sauce.  I was still sore but my bike and I have this great relationship where we pick up each other’s slack, so I was A-Okay.  We rode all around the world that day and took Yogi the dog with us part of the way. With the trip to Michaela’s + everything else we did as a group, I rode approximately 16 miles.  Yeah…..I go hard(;


Slept over Michaela’s.  Woke up to Dayne calling to see if we wanted to puppy-sit….YEAH!  Mishay and I were picked up and taken to Dayne’s place where we were left to our own devices.  We played with the doggy, I tried to nap, and we watched Spanish Soap Operas.  I made some beast food…and now I’ve decided to have a food truck. Forget college.

Seeing as I needed to exercise, Michaela and I did exercise OnDemand. Cardio Abs courtesy of Jessica Smith.  She does this Tummy Torcher Tabata at the last six minutes…ohh nahh.  Maybe if she started off with that.  But most definitely not at the last six when we’ve been doing other stuff for 80 long minutes.  Instead we did squats while she tortured her own tummy.  This girl didn’t even warm us up.  Midway through, I couldn’t take it, my calves hurt, and I had to lead Mishay and I in stretching.  Nor did Ms. Jessica Smith cool us down.  I had to do that too.  Come on, Smith, this is the basics! Sigh.  When Ana and Dayne got home, Ana made some grub.  Muy delicioso.  I had Butternut Squash pasta sauce for the first time.  Dude, that is what I am going to start using more often.  Especially as summer turns about the riverbend.  Sooooo good.  Along with roasted broccoli and brown rice.  I think I shall roast my vegetables more often ( like tonight ). Si.


Well today I have done…nothing.  Yeah.  I just woke up at Mishay’s – went to bed early ( say whaaat ). As soon as we got back, I fell asleep ( approximately 11:30pm…maybe 12? ).  I woke up at 6:40am…went to sleep…woke again at 10:40am.  This is the most sleep I have gotten in days.  It was nice.  I had oatmeal for breakfast, read some, did some pinning, and then got fidgety.  So I took my bike and rode back home.  I stopped at Giant and picked up some Nature’s Promise Original Soymilk ( it was on sale for $1.69! I could not resist ), garlic, a turnip, a banana, and Kettle Chip Backyard Barbeque crisps. The entirety of the ride  home = 5 miles.  So I rode 5 miles today.  I have the Endomondo sports tracker app on my phone, which I think is awesome because it calculates your miles and your calories burned ( I don’t know if I believe it’s approximation of calories burned, but it is nice to see ).  It also has a lot of other things that I have not yet explored ( I’ve only used it twice thus far ).  From the limited experience that I have using this app, I think it is good for walkers, bicycle riders, and runners.

When I got home, I made some guac.  A combo of avocado, tomatoes, onions, a wee bit of fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, black beans and corn ( rinsed and drained ), lemon, peppercorn, and sea salt.  I WISH that I had some cilantro.  Alas, I do not.


Now…I plan to watch the documentary Forks Over Knives.



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