Yesterday you said tomorrow.

A Bad Week.

The last seven days have been not very good.

But that is why I am on here.  To come before you, admit my failures, and move forward.  This blog is like closure.  It is like a step forward.  As you might have noticed, I do not like to blog when I am doing poorly (the same concept with food journals).  No one wants to talk about what they have done wrong.  But if I want to get that closure and to move forward in a positive direction, I have to own up to my mistakes.

For some good news, last Saturday, I went running on the beach.  It was great.  3.20 miles(:  8 in the morning and beautiful sunshine and barefeet on an endless trail of sand.

Back to present issues:  Time to STRENGTH TRAIN, RUN, SQUAT, Do P90X, AB WORK, and EAT HEALTHY.  I have 13 days….hasta mi cumpleanos.  12 days until prom.  16 days until the other prom.  And about a month and a week until Beach Week (bathing suit).  So today (and I do not recommend this), I pigged out.  I feel like crap.  And I’m about to “cut the fat” with an orange. Note: I really don’t think that that is a legit saying…’cutting the fat’ is a bucketload of crap. If you want to ‘cut the fat,’ don’t eat it. Or eat the right ones: nuts, avocado, healthy oils, etc.

Wish me luck.



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