Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Stop Failing. Do What You’re Doing Now.

Man, I must be annoying.

I have the same story over and over and OVER again, even I am tired of writing it. But as you all know, I messed up, hence my leave of absence from WordPress.  We all know how I avoid things like Pinterest, WordPress, and shopping when I mess up. And then when I’m in recovery, I return. Maybe I should just never leave. Haha

I mean, really. If I continuously blog, it’s sort of like I’m talking to my health counselor everyday and I can get through it. I don’t want to tell my health counselor bad things so I’ll try to do avoid making those mistakes. Hmm, food for thought.

Basically, I just wanted to share the fact that the past two days have gone really well.
Day 1:
Cooked carrots, garlic, onions, jalepeño peppers, with thyme and olive oil (So Good)
2 small corn tortillas

Day 2:
Orange Juice
Green smoothie
Boca vegan burger
1 slice of caraway toast
Cooked onions and garlic
Black beans
Cooked carrots, garlic, onions, jalapeños, and thyme
2 small corn tortillas
Frijoles negros
1/4 apple

So yeah, and I biked both of those days. Yesterday I fell off of my bike. It was bad. But I came away almost completely unscathed. I was walking my neighbor’s dog (I do that). And going down a small hill. I tried to brake so that the dog (which is small) wouldn’t have to run to keep up. I went over one of those yellow speedbumps and pwhoosh. Bike flipped over forward, and I thrust my hands out to catch my fall. This is what I didn’t damage:
My face
My legs
My phone
My glasses

Those were the three things about which I was worried.
My phone JUST got replaced because I dropped the other one on linoleum and the screen shattered. So to have the same happen to this one, or for it to get any scuff marks would have really pissed me off. Especially since I got it on Monday and my case is in the mail and to arrive today tomorrow through the 29th. My face…dear God, I love my face and aside from the intermediate pimple, do not want anything happening to this face. As for my legs, I have done ENOUGH damage to them these past 18 years. And I just had a bicycle accident last year, which the scar on my leg has yet to forget. Last but not least, my glasses. Are new. I got them 2 weeks ago, so for these to get damaged…oh vey.

Only my left hand has a little cut. And I have a couple small bruises. Other than that, I’m scotch free. Tape.

Ahora tiempor para ejercicio:)



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