Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Summer Has Begun

Perhaps not the exact season.

But as a graduated youth, out of school and preparing for the pressures of the real world, summer has begun.  There are so many things I have to do with my life at the present.

22 Summer Chores (this list is everlikely to grow)

1. Take a physics class

2. Health-ercise

3. Walk my neighbors dog (every day)

4. Get supplies for my dorm

5. Apply for scholarships

6. Read my Bible

7. Start going back to church

8. Moisturize my hair

9. Shave

10. Get my hair professionally trimmed

11. Regrow the toenail that broke off (that has never happened to me before)

12 Get in the habit of running before I move 8 hours away in the fall

13. Bike to Rockville from Georgetown

14. Learn at least 15 songs in all espanol (1 down, 14 more to go)

15. Reconnect with my mum

16. Get Oscar, Carp, y Ilse to go to the beach

17. Write down what I eat

18 . Blog and Thrift more

19. Learn to play guitar and dance

20. Write & Read

21. Get enough sleep

22. Enjoy life?

You see the problem. I’m so overwhelmed.  Summer has begun. School is over. And I am overwhelmed. I seem to not get done all that I want to get done in a day.  It’s madness.  I need to write down a schedule or else my life is going to pass me by.  I should probably start going to sleep at reasonable hours.  Maybe starting now…



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