Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Teen Wolf

Hello Season 3, I bid you ‘good day.’

No, I have not seen the new episode that came on last night.  As I thought I would be in the City of Oceans, I just had it pre-set to record.  But I was here, and I was watching Awkward. at the time and completely forgot about it.  And once I remembered, had a mini-meltdown.  Really mini.  It isn’t ladylike to trip over a television program. I try to save trippage for bicycle races, dancing competitions, and things of that nature.  Thus, I can’t tell you how AWESOME last night’s episode was.  But because I am a very trusting person, and trust that Teen Wolf would not let me down and ruin our present relationship, I am willing to go on a limb and say it was probably amazing, even though it was entitled Tattoo, and I don’t fancy tattoos.

Let’s chat about Season 1, eh?  It wasn’t that bad.  I got to know who was who and what was going on.  Because I am an advocate for the shows of which I fancy, my sister has begun to watch Teen Wolf as well.   She says the script needs work, and it probably did in the first season, but I have encouraged her to continue watching.  On another tangent, this show made me like lacrosse.  Not that I disliked it before, but I was not exposed to it, same thing with Nutella.  What does lacrosse and Teen Wolf have to do with Nutella? Well, let’s refrain from the questions, shall we.

My gripe concerning Teen Wolf?  Okay, I know race is not the main focus of the show.  Or maybe latently it is.  This is, this is the world, and race is always part of things, no matter how much we wish it weren’t.  Now, the main character, Scott McCall/Tyler Posey, is obviously not completely White.  That’s fine.  I like Hispanics.  Wikipedia says that , “his ancestry is Mexican on his mother’s side, and Irish, English, and American Indian on his father’s side.”  Last name being McCall on the show, okay, so dad is Scottish or something..that’s fine.  But maybe they could embrace some of the Hispanic heritage on the show…you know?  Especially since this no-good (Scottish?) dad left the family – this being an evident backstory in the life of Scott and his mother – and in which case they could embrace the different heritage to help show how self-sustainable they are without this phantom dad.  Like when the mother is consulting or admonishing Scott, she could say a few words in Español.  That’s simple right?  Since you’re going to have a Hispanic lead, you might as well do something with it.  OR, if Jeff Davis, the creator, wanted to embrace Scott’s American Indian background, as well as the mother character’s, Melissa Ponzio, Native American background, they could say a few words in Amerindian speech. You know what I mean? It would even play into the fact that lacrosse is a sport of Native American origin.  And don’t get me started on the lack of other “colorful” characters.  That is not exactly the point of this monologue.  I am just saying, use what you have.  Use what you have displayed before your audience.  We won’t mind. Isn’t the underlying message of the show to “be proud of who (what) you are and to embrace yourself ?” 

I just feel as though we are walking 5 steps forward and taking 6 steps back in the world today involving controversial topics such as race and religion.

But in the end, I do like Teen Wolf. I am looking forward to watching the next twenty-four episodes of season three.



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