Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Step It Up A Notch, Mate.

I’d been doing pre’e well…

But then I had a bad-ish week. It wasn’t horrible. Just not great…and lacking.

THUS, I’ve decided to kick it up a notch or two. Remember 9th grade? …of course you don’t, but I do.  And I’m sure I have talked about it a few times in these inane posts which you read, or don’t. But as a first year, I was on fire. Literally….boom Bam BANG! I was unstoppable.  A freakin’ beast.  A gift from nature.  People would make sacrifices to me to praise my awesomeness(;

And you want to know why? Why were all of those lambs and sheep offered to me? Because I went hard. EVERY DAY. Except for one rest day each week… but even then, I was so addicted to the cause that I usually put in some type of work on rest days.  If I had a brownie…that same day I worked it off.

Here was my sched:

1. Arise at 5am, do some form of exercise, either between 10 and 30 minutes, depending..

2. Shower and go to school

3. Come home and exercise again from 30 minutes to perhaps an hour and a half or more…

My friends would call me after school and as soon as they heard my shortness of breath, they knew what I was doing.  It was great. It was brilliant! I loved …everything about it.  And I didn’t realize what great shape I had been in….until I wasn’t.  My sister would comment on my calves and how brills they were. In fact, I inadvertently encouraged her to take charge of herself and begin to get in shape.

And the thing that kept my workout life interesting….I created a schedule. It was colorful and cute (but that is besides the point), but since my house has SO MANY means of exercise – tapes, dvds, a stationary bike, exercise ball, running shoes, yoga mats, dumbbells, exercise stairs, etc. – I coordinated my schedule so that each week was different. Variety was key. One morning I would do Taebo, another morning I would work with the exercise ball and 15 minutes of intense stationary bike work. Or I would find different exercises out of magazines and do my own thing for an hour.  BRILLS! And then I was on the soccer team and the track team that year as well. It was non-stop awesomeness. I loved it.  Really.

So the point of this post? I’m going to do it all again.  Recreate my freshman year. Watch me.



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