Yesterday you said tomorrow.

A New Beginning..most definitely

“If you’re on the quest, you can’t eat desserts everyday.”

– my sister, Sheen

“So today I had some Yoplait yogurt.  It was disgusting!” – Sheen

“Ugh, did it have a bunch of sugar in it?” – Erica

“Yeah.  I’m not doing that anymore.  That used to be my shytee.” – Sheen

Always keep them in mind

I thought I’d start off today’s blogging with a couple tidbits from one of my lovely and gorgeous sisters.

Yes, today is week four, day four.  Yet I feel as though it is day one.  This isn’t bad necessarily. This is…adventurous? Mm, I don’t know the proper term for it.  Today I read about calorie deficits and daily energy requirements, expending calories and important physical principles. I don’t know if I learned anything but I’m hoping I did.  This is one of the sites in which I visited.  According to this, my daily energy requirement is about 1983.4 calories.  (This is based on my age, my measurements, and my activity level.) So I guess I’m supposed to eat this much per day. Unless of course I am more sedentary, then I lessen the calories so that I don’t (new fitspo term) expend.Reasons to be fit.

It feels..SO good to exercise.  I dunno.  I have been exercising, except for yesterday, and then my three day apocalypse, but recently I haven’t been enjoying it like in the beginning.  Then today came along,tapped me on the shoulder, and gave me a welcoming hug.  I watched my tv shows today: Pretty Little Liars & Jane By Design.  And midway through the latter, I got an itchin’ for exercise.  But I was viewing via desktop and la desktop is not in my room (my box [gym] <– yeah I used a CrossFit term).  When I couldn’t take it any longer, I moved around a few chairs and brought my mat into the room.  I got a jump rope but the space was too small, so I began with jumping jacks.  I jumped those jacks for quite some time, then every time a commercial came (on the internet, they’re like a minute long) I did push ups.  Show comes back on, back to jumping jacks, then jogging in place, followed by high knees.  Last couple minutes of the show, kickbacks for one minute on each leg.  The show was over, and I had done 15 minutes of cardio.  And I was sweating! No more watching the tele whilst stationary! Whoop! Then I got on my stationary bike, talked to my sissy, and spun for 15 minutes.  More sweat!  Now my bread is in the oven.  

Did I mention I was making bread for the first time?  Well yesterday, I began to mix the ingredients for Whole Wheat Bread.  Then I read that it had to sit for 12-24 hours.  Well it did that, and now it is in the oven.  Should be ready in 13 minutes(:  I shall most deff tell you of its outcome.

As of now, I am completely back to clean eating.  During my apocalypse and yesterday I took a “break” from it.  My body did not enjoy.  I..ugh…seriously.  And I think I enjoy asparagus.  Though when I eat it, I do not necessarily taste it.  But that’s fine too.  I’m getting nutrients either way.  Whoopee!

Good day, mate.


ericathevegan. meagainstmyself.


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