Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Cycling in a Storm.

no, we didn’t have umbrellas.

The old man and I are pretty hardcore.We can now say that we’ve cycled in 2 extremities – extreme humidity and a thunderstorm.  I can say I’ve cycled in 3, two days ago I cycled in weather that felt like 105 degrees, extreme heat.  I took a tumble today.  My body face-palmed the pavement.  I ran into a homeless man’s grocery cart that was parked on the sidewalk.  Genius, Erica.  Sigh, I was just admiring my legs today and how all of my scars have healed/or are healing rather well.  I scar..a lot.  Last summer I melted my skin off by accidentally touching the truck pipe with my leg.  Ouch.  That was the night before I went to Ukraine.  Yes, soccer balls did come into contact with my bandaged wound. Double ouch.  Two years before that I tried track, particularly hurtles.  I hurtled myself over 2 or 3 hurtles, and fell over all of them.  Thus resulting in horrible injury around and on my left knee area.  You can barely see all of these wounds now.  And today.  Today I scar the one knee (right) that had remained scar free all these years.  I was proud of myself.

Then wham! Grocery cart, handle bars, body spinning in the air and onto the concrete!  I give myself a quick lookover to assess the damage, and what do I see?!! Flesh, white, reddening from oncoming blood.  I scream.  Not in pain, no, I was okay.  Sure it might have hurt a little, but that was nothing compared to the disappointment + picturing my mum’s reaction.  Gosh.  Why must these things happen? :/

I still haven’t told her.  It is the day after my venture. Sigh.

Well anyway, the cycling trip was rather good.  We went to the recently opened Globally Inspired Burritos and got our burritos for  a dollar. My dad was the last customer, and as they were recording their store opening, they recorded him and rang cowbells and hooped and hollered.  Ah, white people. Lol.  They said the vid’s gonna be on Youtube soon.  While we were eating at the booth, the camera bro came over and wanted to get a last shot.  He ended it with his camera going upward towards the ceiling.  My dad was like, “Where ya going with that thing?” Hahaha. It was too funny.  He explained how he wanted to fade the shot. Camera bro, dad, and I laughed.  Good times.  The burritos were good.  More options than Chipotle and Qdoba, even though I do advise you check out Qdoba if you’ve never been there.  Their queso (cheese) is awesome.  Haven’t had it since I stopped eating cheese, but I can still advertise. Although on the other hand, it is probably loaded with fat and calories.  Perhaps you shouldn’t have it. Eh, nevermind, live a little.  But not too much. As a nutritional foodie, I do not condone their queso.  As a human…

After the tasty meal (oh they also had vegan squares which were good), we rode back to D.C. and through a pitch black trail (yes, it was nighttime when as we returned). As we headed back… it began to rain.  No, not rain, pour.  There was some thunder, and sometimes I would have to squint one eye or close it all together and keep the other one squinted.  But we adapted, and we enjoyed.  It was like a nice shower to wash away our pouring sweat, and we were sweat.  I began to feel pain in my left thigh. I just thought that I was incredibly sore and would massage it to help the muscle, or so I thought.  When I got home, I noticed I had a ridiculous bruise the size of a softball.  I was massaging a bruise. Probably made it worse, nice goin’, Erica.  It just so happened to be on the same leg as my new scarrage. Let’s just say, I put on pajama pants when I got home and are still wearing them.  All hell’s gonna break loose when me mum sees my right leg..



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