Yesterday you said tomorrow.

I Will {Succeed}


Remember this post.

You might not.  You might have never read it. But I remember it.

And there I am again.  Not completely.  I am not as far-gone as I was at that time.  However, I am definitely close enough. My stomach for instance.  Was nice.  It was churning its way into THE LAND OF ABS.  I was very happy with this new land in which I had ventured.

And now.  With eating habits gone wrong and apocalypses enduring, my abs have flabbed.  My stomach is back where it started.  So. Very. SAD.

At least my arms are not where they started, and my work on my legs is not completely botched.  But my stomach.  It was beautiful.  Oh well. 

Yesterday was glorious.  Until 7pm.  Those are my bad times.  5pm to until.  If I can control my hands and mouth during those hours.  I will be a success story.  I am going to do that.  I just have to take it hour by hour, minute by minute.  Then re-read sweatsalty’s response to my question to remember why I am doing this.  In the end, this is all about self-love, self-respect, and self-appreciation.  I am making myself my biggest investment.  That is importante.  You have to positively invest in yourself before you can positively invest in someone else.

Abs are 70% diet and 30% gym.  Some would say that they are 80% diet and 20% gym.  The real emphasis here is that you get abs mostly from what you put in your body.  You can do core strength training all you want, but you need  to be  heavily observant when it comes to consuming food.  This. Is. Truth. I can’t emphasize it enough.  I have seen it.  My body has experienced this.  I was clean eating for three weeks and exercising.  My stomach was rockin.  I stop clean eating for eight days.  EIGHT DAYS.  Eight days vs. Twenty-One days.  I stop..and my stomach is replaced with fat.

The reason for this is that muscle definition in your core isn’t about the size of the muscles in your core, it’s about reducing the fat covering up the muscles in your core. Doing crunches and other ab work will absolutely *strengthen* your core, but in order to *see* it, you’ll have to lose the fat on top of it. 

Working out is not a free pass for eating poor food.

Eat. Real. Food. 

My plan is to review my food/exercise journal.  Yes! Great example of the use of this journal.  It’s a great thing to have/acquire.  I will review what I ate when I began my journey in the beginning of July and just repeat repeat repeat.  I think I will actually make the exact same meals (they will be even tastier this time because I have made them before and I know the outs-and-ins).  When I cash my check this week, I plan to check my fridge and cupboards to make sure that I have all of the same ingredients.  I bet my ab problem will be fixed.  It will(:

So, I guess today is…day 1?  No, it’s just another day of my continuing journey; I’m Pumped!!! 🙂


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