Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Things Don’t Happen to You; YOU HAPPEN TO THINGS

reasons to do ANYTHING!

So I asked/posted this question on Sweat Salty’s tumblr:


anonymous asked: i’ve been working out/clean eating for a month now. i was doing really well and obviously seeing and feeling results. but this week has been bloody horrible for me. i’ve just been spiraling downhill via eating habits and exercise habits. how would you suggest that i get re-motivated or re-whatever?

This was her response:

You are a human being. You are the most badass thing on this planet. You make shit happen. There is no such thing as motivation, or willpower, or being “lazy at heart.” If you want something, you do it. You just fucking do it. Not tomorrow, not later, not when you get the inspiration. You are a sovereignty unto yourself. What you decide is going to happen, will happen.

Don’t beat yourself up for being “bloody horrible” or eating too much or being lazy, or whatever. You decided take a week off because you wanted to. Now that you don’t want to, you decide not to and you won’t. It’s as simple as that. No one has or even can force you to do anything you don’t want to do. Not even your own self.

You just have to decide, right now, to do what you know is best. When you are presented with a choice, you make the decision that you want to make. Presented with a box of cookies? Know that eating even one would not be best for you? TOSS THOSE BITCHES OUT THE WINDOW. Be a badass, because you are a badass. Make the right decisions because you know what they are and you know that you can do whatever the hell YOU want to do for YOURSELF.

Uh oh. You followed my advice and then you made the wrong decision. Guess what? Doesn’t fucking matter. You are still a badass. Make the right decisions.

Basically, what works for me is taking responsibility, having goals, and having the self-respect and self-love to do what it takes to reach those goals. Things don’t happen to you. You happen to things.


I needed to hear this.  This helps superbly.  I’m not able to reply on tumblr (or at least I don’t know how to), but if Sweat Salty ever comes across this, I just wanted to say, Thanks.  Time to get off of my break(:

ericathevegan. meagainstmyself.


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