Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Tuesday of July 3rd, nineteen-ninety…wait it’s the two-thousands??!

put down the junk

I ate, I did.

I didn’t eat horribly, although the day began with SABOTAGE.  But I exercised those 100-150 off with my morning workout of Crossfit “air squats” and KTE (Knees to Elbows) and my 6 Weeks to 6 Pack movements.  Let’s began now, shall we.

Bfast (At 9:13pm): Oats in a Jar w/

  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 15 raw almonds
  • .25 cup oats
  • .5 cup almond milk
  • .25 banana
  • sesame seeds
  • flax
  • chia seeds
  • .25 mango
  • water

Snack (At 1:45/2:45pm):

  • Whole Valley Peanut Butter Granola Bar 🙂
  • grapes
  • apples
  • water

Lunch (At 4:50pm):

  • 6 in. Veggie Delite sub on Honey Oat w/ avocado (Subway)
  • .5 apple
  • some of my mums 1 package Lays Original
  • water

Snack (At 6:40pm):

  • 6 cookes (156 cal./5g fat)
  • Black Tea w/.5 tbsp. honey

Supper (At 9:00pm): 

  • 6 in. Veggie Delite sub on Honey Oat w/ avocado (Subway)
  • .5 cup black beans, homemade

Snack (At 9:35pm):

  • 1.25 cup raw pineapple
  • water

Note to self: Let’s do 1 less snack per day, yeah?  Other wise, not bad.  About 2,250 calories.  Much more calories than we want, but considering these calories mostly came from nutrient-dense foods and we exercised 2x…it can slide.




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