Yesterday you said tomorrow.

We All Make Mistakes. Own yours.

Put away the cameras, please.

I know it’s that time. Time to confess. So yesterday did turn out to be a Triple Decker Day – P90X, 6 Weeks to 6 Pack workout (which is going well btw), and intense cycling for hours.  But today in lieu of my normal incline, I declined. Plummeted is more like it.  It was bad.  6 poptarts, bleh, 2 kid Clif bars, what a waste, I could’ve really used those on a run or a cycle or just after some great workout, 3 tbsp. of Natural PB, a waste of PB too,  I hate wasting healthy food on a binge, and a few bowls of cereal.  A lot of calories, my friend.  The poptarts alone ring up to 1,200.  And I felt disgusting afterward.  Tummy felt uncomfortable.  My tummy hasn’t felt nasty like this in a while.  I’m so used to fueling my body the proper way.  Thee occasional binge = not worth it.  Maybe a slice of vegan cake, or some vegan cookies that I make, or if I get some Tofutti from Shoppers.  But not this way.  This is not the way. Yet, like last time, I’m not at all discouraged. Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow I go hard.  I was due for a rest day via my abs anyway.  I guess today was it.  But seriously, tomorrow I go hard.  And to prove to you, I will post tomorrow’s work out – after I complete it.  That way it will be definite.

Time for more advertisement:  I was a skeptic.  It took me a while to purchase a box of Toffuti.  When I did, I chose the Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream sandwich.  Why was I a skeptic? Look at the box and the brand name: Toffuti.  What immediately registers in your mind – ewww.  I did not trust, bro.  But now I do.  It’s good.  It’s legit. Buy it.


I was going to “edit” this post just now and erase the “tomorrow I exercise” stuff because well…tomorrow never happened.

But then I thought, “That wouldn’t be honest.  That wouldn’t be real.”  And that is what this blog is all about – overcoming obstacles as a real human being, and apparently as one that makes faults.  Sigh.  Yesterday I did eat well, except for breakfast and “supper”, both laden with cereal.  I’m not used to that.  I’m not used to having these Honey Shredded Wheat things in the house, so I guess I went a bit crazy.  It’s the sugar, that’s what it is.  It’s driving me mental.  All this clean eating and then bam! Honey Shredded Wheat  dances on my tongue.  I’d rather some green peppers and hummus dance on my tongue (they did btw, last night; they were delicious).  So I had cereal for breakfast and cereal for supper and two servings each, plus soymilk.  Ugh.  That was about 1,200 calories right there.  Sad.  And this morning, I had cereal. Gah.  And I had three servings.  After I ate it, I took the box from my room and put it in the cupboard.  Out of sight out of mind right?  Today, I have to workout.  Omg..I just realized, TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF WEEK FOUR.  OMG.  Okay, yeah.  I DEFF have to work out now. I had my two days of laziness (Friday&Saturday).  Now is time to increase my regimen.  I might have a measure-in on Thursday because it will be exactly one month since I last measured myself.  Eep! Man, now I wish I hadn’t slacked the past couple days nor had 950 calories for breakfast and it’s only 10:50am.  Oh well. Let’s get out there.


ericathevegan. meagainstmyself.

(Post Script: Looking at what I titled this blog just gave me a motivation boost; I hope it can perhaps do the same for you.)

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